Base Alchemy is a beauty and wellness apothecary grown from naturopathic philosophies, naturally derived pure ingredients, enhancing the body and mind from within. We hand blend unique plant extracts, herbs, botanicals and earth for gorgeous skin, vitality for the body and nourishment for the mind. We charge with crystal vibrations to stimulate healing, balance and protection on energetic levels. Using high quality concentrated vegan ingredients, eco packaging, choosing organic where ever possible.


We at Base Alchemy are inspired by Australia and highlight Australian Natives with their unique and potent properties in both our skincare and wellness products, tapping into the connections to the ground we walk on. Our wildly raw and honest beauty rituals combine ingredients sourced from the earth enhancing self-love and connection with your inner goddess. Support your mind, body and spirit using ancient wisdom with our range of unique healing herbs and exotic superfoods formulated for nutritional abundance and radiate from within.


Driven to change the way we do beauty and wellness by respecting the planet,

sustainability and mother nature are important to us when creating. We strive to connect and educate on natures bountiful goodness and combine traditional botanical medicinal plants with widely used ones of today to encourage awareness and holistic living.


Each ingredient is: Chosen with intention. Hand blended in small batches. Vegan. Sustainable. cruelty-free. non-toxic. Conscious. Infused with mantra.

Kobi Collins

I am a woman, an adventurer, a lover, a hugger, an entrepreneur, a sister, a daughter, a sharer, a carer, a smiler, a friend, and so much more. I feel as many these days I have lived a life multi faceted, gathering knowledge along my travels to come to a space in time where I feel rounded and stable enough to share. I am inspired by nature, by people and by hearts. After a global journey of searching and connecting I wanted to regroup and share all of which I know and cherish. Base Alchemy is my baby in that, we have grown together and will continue to do so. I hope some of my treasures become treasures for you and add some spark and grounding into your life also.



Jenna K Jensen

Kiwi, wild woman, creative, zero waste warrior, fiercely driven, nature lover and wellness seeker. I've spent half my life in the beauty industry and now is the time to mold that into something that is in alignment with my passions and ethos. My adulthood has been full of self education and searching for the answers to authentic beauty and living. I want to help make it easy and wholesome for others to find the solutions to living in a rapidly changing world and have a wholesome life of their creation. Meeting Kobi and coming together to make magic is a blessing from the universe and a exciting journey. We have so much more to come!



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