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With each new moon being the time for letting go and reinventing, this new moon has awakened the sensitivity and creativity of Pisces.

With the creative energies of Pisces oozing out of us at this time tap in and trust the expression that is you. For many of us our creativity is only dreamt about but with this new moon shining through, with an invigorating burst of energy and initiative its time to let those creative juices flow. Get your hands in some clay, throw so paint at a canvas or delight your taste buds with some new recipie.

With each new moon being the time for letting go and reinventing, this new moon has awakened the senisivity and creativity of pisces.

With the new moon in pisces and mercury still in retrograde have you also been feelng like a fish out of water?

For some of us this new moon brought up openings of wounds, feelings of frustration, impatience and a lack of communication due to the supreme sensitivity of this water sign. I had emotional suitcases unlocked, up-ended and forced to be sorted. My partner and I both did. But at the end of the evening with salty skin, before our eyes were closed, so were those issues.

Sorted and released was the tension that built, evaporated into the cooling ocean and our warming connection rebirthed.

Now the opportunity is with us to re-imagine our realities. It will not happen without our action, trust the guide that is leading you and be rebirthed.

This month we recommend.....

Awaken Botanical Elixir Ignite mental clarity and cognition with mushroom and gingko.

Charged with concentration enhancing energies of clear quartz. Labradorite activates the crown chakra.

Sea Goddess Raw Facial Oil Refreshing and invigorating oils combined to be soaked up on a cellular level.

Potent sea buckthorn berry combines with nurturing avocado, magical blue tansy and cleansing watermelon seed. Skin is left radiated and rebirthed.

much love from us x

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