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New years blessings and Moon Guide for January

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

WOW where did 2019 go!?! What a big year it was for us, looking forward to what the new year brings. As always big changes ahead and new exciting things to come.

Firstly, a BIG THANK YOU for all your support and love for us last year, its very humbling and appreciated, it's more important than ever that we support small business and community in a rapidly expanding world so we can keep creating magic for you!

We hope each Luna Month we can bring you glorious musings with our unique perspective on life, inspiration and special offers for you, our Base Alchemy family.

The first new moon of the decade....

The new moon brings us dark nights, lowered energy levels, desires for change and a time for quite reflection.

Are you like us feeling overwhelmed with the new year, new decade and pressure to make goals, be successful, change your life and the cloud of overwhelm we live in these days?

The best thing to do is take each day as it comes, make small changes, small goals, cleanse toxic energy and connect with others and the earth.

New Moon in Aquarius 25th of January 2020.

Good news! Once we pass the new moon a weight will be lifted off your shoulders as these stagnant negative energies will be cleared. Be sure to celebrate and enjoy the lightness you may feel and express yourself like an Aquarius.

Walk bare foot in the grass, and immerse yourself in cool fresh water to balance those dry airy vibes, do something random and spontaneous! Aquarius is a sign that prizes uniqueness and individuality so it's time to harness your weirdness. Be open, flexible and show the world what you have tucked inside with all your heart and greatness.

This month we recommend.....

Balance Earth Elixir Cleanse, detox and support your health goals this year. Plants selected to move stagnant waters which have accumulated in our bodies, assisting in a light and refreshed you.

or Vibrate Internal Infusion The perfect cold brew to keep you motivated and hydrated this season! Antioxidant charged bright blue hues fuel confidence and grounding.

Plumping Native Nectar

Inject deep hydration for your skin with Aloe Vera, Native Emu Apple, Cucumber and Flame tree in this dry, windy weather we have been experiencing.

For the rest of this Luna Cycle receive a product or accessory on us, with every purchase over $120, while stocks last!

much love from us x

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