• kobi collins

Super Moon in Libra

The first and biggest of the three super moons of this year. Tonight if the cool clouds part, look to the horizon and see her glow closer than many.

She brings with her the reminder that times change as we are constantly changing through the phases of life.

With the changing state of our world as we know it and the ripple effects that are showing up in our individual lives, we hold our hands out for balance and harmony.

Balance and harmony is what the scales of libra craves so now is the time to go inwards to go outwards. Funny as this may seem, internal viewing can lead to the greatest external expressions. Creativity is a channel to be pursued to assist us in this time and creating ourselves a new world to step into.

This moon allows for a lightness and playfulness of the mental state and a detachment to being overwhelmed.

We are going through changes also, a time of exploration to propagate a new us on the other side. We are welcoming this change with 50% off sale on majority of our range.

We want self care to be available to you all during this time of self care.

So here's to health, happiness and love to all x

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