Increase the flavour and bring joy to your tea ritual with our crystal tea infusers. The size allows more space for the leaves to soak in the water and can brew more than one cup so it can be used in teapots as well to share with friends. We have a variety of crystals to choose from....


Lapis Lazuli - Aids self-expression, awareness and finding your voice. Choose Lapis if you are looking to connect with your soul and find your purpose. Stimulates the throat chakra and balances third eye chakra. May soothe headaches and migraines.

Tea Match - Vibrate/Immunity


Clear Quartz - Brings clarity, higher intuition, and a calming cleansing effect to your body, mind and space. Clear Quartz is the stone for you if you need help gaining head space, focus and assistance while meditating. Balances all the chakras.

Tea Match - Detox/Vibrate


Amythest - Helps to connect with our spirt, eases stress, anxiety, worries and gives us strength. Choose Amythest is you need help relaxing and making desicions. Connected to the third eye and crown chakras.

Tea Match - Calm/Digest


Rose Quartz - The stone of love, happiness, passion and acceptance. Helps gain understanding and compassion. If you need a daily reminder to express gratitude and unconditional love to yourself then rose quartz is for you. Stimulates the heart chakra.

Tea Match - Beauty/Calm

Crystal Tea Infuser

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Crystal Type
  • Approx 8cms in height, 7cm in width.

    Made from stainless steel.


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