A deep and dense Cleansing Oil infused with nourishing Nettle and Silica-rich Horsetail.

Removes make-up and dirt residue gently whilst nourishing the skin with omega-rich Avocado and Macadamia oils.

An uplifting blend of Ylang Ylang, Fennel and Rosewood tone and soften. 


Intention: I am beautiful in my own skin.

Freedom - Oil Cleanser

  • Apply generously to face and anywhere make-up removal is required, gently massage in circular motions then wipe away with a warm damp face cloth. Finish with your favorite Native Nectar.

  • Camilla Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Macadamia nut Oil*, Avocado Seed Oil*, Castor Oil*, Nettle Leaf extract*, Horsetail extract* Ylang Ylang ess oil*, Rosewood ess oil* Natural Vit E, Fennel ess oil*, Calendual extract*



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