Jade is a healing, nurturing stone. Renewing, calming, cleansing and self-care are just a few of its known benefits.

Base Alchemy loves crystal beauty tools to aid your self-care and beauty ritual. Perfect for use after applying Native Nectar or Raw Face Oil to help distribute and absorb the nourishing ingredients. Massaging with the Jade Roller can help boost collagen and circulation to the skin which can improve texture, and give your skin a fresh glow. Skin feels less puffy and tired thanks to the natural coolness of the stone and aids lymphatic drainage reducing toxins under the skin that can cause imperfections and aging.

Store your Jade in the fridge for an extra cooling effect!


We recommend cleansing your Jade with Sage or Palo Santo and occassionally charging in the sun or moonlight.


Approx 15cm in length, 7cm at its widest part.

Jade Roller

  • After applying your Nectar or Oil, using gentle even pressure, roll from the center of the face/neck in upward/outward directions towards the hairline.

    Then, roll downwards around the hairline to the base of the jaw to drain toxins into our system where the can be processed.

    Use the small end of the Jade Roller around the eyes, temples and delicate areas. 




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