Feminine Rose Quartz is the ultimate best friend, the stone of heart and self-love.


Base Alchemy loves the addition of crystal beauty tools to your self-care and beauty ritual. Perfect for use after applying Native Nectar or Raw Face Oil to help distribute and absorb the nourishing ingredients. Massaging with the Gua-Sha can aid lymphatic drainage, boost collagen and blood to the surface to help improve skin texture and appearance.

Toxins that can cause imperfections and ageing under the skin surface, may be reduced by using massage tools like the Gua-sha.


We recommend cleansing your Rose with Sage or Palo Santo, you can also occasionally charge it under the sun of moonlight.

Rose Quartz Gua-sha

  • Holding the Gua-Sha in the palm of your hand at the curved side, gently sweep the oposite side that follows the shape of the face from the center in upward, outward directions towards the hair line a couple of times in each section. You can use the little bumps of the Gua-Sha for small delicate areas or the face.


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