Synergistically formulated, combining 38  active ingredients, integrating a selection of vibrant alkalizing greens with functional herbal components to harmonize, align and support your body and its systems starting from the base.


Siberian ginseng and matcha increase energy production

Reishi mushroom and turmeric are known anti-inflammatories.
Pineapple, dandelion and papaya leaf create digestive stimulation and restoration

Cinnamon, Gymnema and mesquite decrease sugar cravings and insulin resistance.

St Mary's thistle used traditionally for liver cleansing 

Aloe vera, chamomile, and peppermint reduce bloating

Horsetail and nettle stimulate the removal of water retention along with providing silica and other trace minerals.

Pao d'arco combats fungal candida activity

Psyllium husk helps to bulk and regulate bowel movements.

Barley grass, spirulina, broccoli, kelp, wheatgrass, alfalfa, kale, spinach, etc (the greens) assist in the alkalization of the body with chlorophyll and provide a rich source of iron and B vitamins.
Pomegranate juice along with lemon and lime peels offer vitamin c for tissue repair.

Native strawberry gum leaf is traditionally used to calm stomach problems and has been shown to include antibacterial, antifungal helping to balance the gut flora.

Linseed contains high omega profiles.






This information is provided for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA and are not meant to treat, diagnose or cure. These formulas are not a medical supplement. If you are pregnant or have any health concerns, please consult your health practitioner. 


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Synergy Earth Elixir
  • Barley grass * Wheatgrass* Pineapple Apple* Alfalfa* Spinach* Kale Linseed* Psyllium husk* Lemon peel* Lime peel* Pomegranate juice* Papaya leaf* Spirulina* Broccoli* Kelp* St mary’s thistle Siberian ginseng*, Dandelion* Reishi mushroom Chamomile* Matcha green tea* Horsetail* Ginger Mesquite* Gymnema* Nettle* Aloe Vera* Cinnamon* Peppermint* Fennel* Pau d arco** eucalyptus olida** Beetroot* Turmeric* Stevia

    *organic **wild harvested


  • enjoy 1-2 teaspoons per day consumed in cool water, coconut water, juice or a smoothie .


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