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This pack is designed for problematic skin to help detox, heal and brighten skin from the inside out. This pack includes Illuminate Elixir, Detox Mud and accessories, Glow raw facial oil, Illuminate native nectar and a Jade roller.


Illuminate Charged Botanical Elixir

Cleanse and revive from the inside out with skin clearing and rejuvenating botanicals.

Aventurine and azurite cleanse, heal and protect the tissues of the skin and the heart chakra. 

Skin brightening and clearing from the inside out.

The skin is the largest organ of our body and can become the highway for the elimination of toxins.

This elixir cleanses and regenerates the liver with St Marys Thistle, Nettle replenishes base minerals and nutrients whilst supplying increased circulation to the surface of the skin. Inflammation is combated whilst, healing is encouraged by Calendula. Gotu Kola repairs soft tissue, eliminates cellulite and reduces stress and anxiety.

Aventurine stimulates uniqueness and creativity and enables living within one’s own heart. It calms inflammation helping to ease skin eruptions and stimulate metabolism. Aventurine protects the heart chakra.

Azurite encourages self-expression, emotional healing and aids detoxification of the skin.


Detox Clay Mud

Draw out toxins and impurities with french green and Brazilian yellow clays. Invigorating nettle and matcha stimulate circulation, enhancing detoxification. Liquorice root and turmeric brighten and activate.

A combination of earth clays, botanicals and superfoods help to heal, brighten, correct skin imperfections and soak up toxins and oil. Skin is left feeling clean, fresh and ready for following treatments. Suitable for normal to oily skin.


Illuminate Native Nectar

Brighten your complexion, increase elastin and even out skin tone with liquorice, native Davidson plum and white cypress.

In a base of hydrating aloe vera and activating MSM this native nectar is designed for illuminating and refining skin texture.

White cypress diminishes dark pigmentation and evens skin tone.

Liquorice whitens and brightens with glycyrrhizic acid.

Davidson plum strengthens capillaries and protects against environmental damage.

MSM promotes a clear, smooth and youthful skin assisting in the permeability of cells


Glow Raw Facial Oil

Wild blend of Amazonian oils offering a sun-kissed glow, nourishing penetration and soothing balance.

Vibrant urucum, regenerative rosehip, soothing calendula and chamomile, rich andiroba and active frankincense and carrot seed combine to awaken your golden goddess.  

Urucum oil is rich in carotenoids this Amazonian oil gives a signature glow.

Andiroba oil reduces inflammation whilst smoothing wrinkles

Rosehip oil for suppleness and moisture.

Calendula to heal and repair the tissues.

Carrot seed for rejuvenation with vitamin A.


Jade Roller

Jade is a healing, nurturing stone. Renewing, calming, cleansing and self-care are just a few of its known benefits.

Base Alchemy loves crystal beauty tools to aid your self-care and beauty ritual. Perfect for use after applying Native Nectar or Raw Face Oil to help distribute and absorb the nourishing ingredients. Massaging with the Jade Roller can help boost collagen and circulation to the skin which can improve texture, and give your skin a fresh glow. Skin feels less puffy and tired thanks to the natural coolness of the stone and aids lymphatic drainage reducing toxins under the skin that can cause imperfections and aging.

Store your Jade in the fridge for an extra cooling effect!

Teenage Care Ritual Pack


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